Class Descriptions


All Levels Yoga Flow   

This dynamic class is intended to engage and challenge all levels of practitioners. While supporting personal growth for every student with a variety of pose options, all the while supporting body awareness, breath, and connection. Cultivate curiosity with a rooted practice that allows new opportunities to deepen and expand on every posture with respect towards our mind, body and soul.

All Welcome Yoga

All Welcome Flow is the class for you to show up as you are and experience the kind of practice that you need on any given day. Taught by certified Accessible Yoga* instructors who are skilled at offering variations and teaching to multiple levels simultaneously; All Welcome Flow is the yoga class the embraces individuality and celebrates the innate power and wisdom within. Whether you choose to move on your mat, sitting in a chair, or completely lying down; All Welcome Flow is for you.

*(please note that in the event of an instructor substitution; they may or may not have the same AY certification)


 This class is a workout featuring aspects of ballet, Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Take center stage in this ballet-inspired class with a careful series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to give you a total body workout with finesse.

Deep Stretch and Meditation

Deeply relaxing session helps melt tension, heal old injuries, and cultivate mental focus. Luxuriate in a series of seated and supine positions that nourish fascia & deep connective tissues. Add to your experience by playing soothing music, keep the lighting low, and consider use of soft props - a towel, blanket, and/or pillow.

Kundalini Yoga

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga often incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. Kundalini strives to strengthen physical vitality and enhance consciousness.


 MOTR (Movement On The Roller) is a versatile, portable exercise system combining the balance, stability, and release work of a foam roller with the resistance exercises of an independent pulley system found on the Pilates reformer.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion is an effective full-body workout that activates deep stabilizer muscles to create a flexible, strong body. This contemporary Pilates workout increases awareness of body movement and builds a strong powerhouse (upper + lower abdominals, lower back, buttocks and the hip). The powerhouse is the center of the body and when strengthened it offers a solid foundation for any movement. Pilates Fusion often utilizes props such as: balls, light weights, Therabands and the magic circle for challenging mat work designed to increase strength and flexibility.

Queer Yoga

This class is designed specifically for LGBTQ+ folks to enjoy gentle movement, relaxation, and community connection. Join Sarah (they/she) for a 45-60 minute yoga practice, followed by refreshments and time to socialize.  No prior yoga experience is necessary. First timers are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early for a warm welcome and introduction to the space. Please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Yoga mats, chairs, and other props are available for anyone to use.

Wundra Chair Class

Spice up your regular workout + get ready to lengthen, strengthen and tone with a challenging, full-body Pilates experience on the Wunda Chair.  The Wunda Chair is one of Joseph Pilates’ original resistance exercise machines. The chair offers a challenging and versatile workout fantastic for both athletic conditioning and rehabilitation.  This intimate small group Pilates Wunda Chair class tones every major muscle group, as well as, the abs and core musculature, while paying special attention to proper execution, biomechanics, alignment and symmetry.

Yin Yoga and Meditation

A slow-paced series of passive poses created to promote relaxation, and meditation. Poses are held for a range of 3-5 minutes. Go deep into your fascia and connective tissues to maintain flexibility and zeal for life.

Yoga for Larger Bodies

You can experience the benefits of yoga regardless of the size of your belly or the shape of your hips.

If you identify as fat, thick, curvy, or plus-sized, this class will show you how you can practice yoga with the body you have now, today.  Lisa (she/her) is a plus-sized yoga teacher with eight years of experience practicing in a larger body, and she has lots of tips and techniques to help you make yoga work for you.

You don't have to be thin, flexible, or athletic to experience the benefits of yoga. Yoga is for EVERY body.


Yoga Suave en Español 

Esta es una clase dinámica para todos los niveles. Ayuda a que cada estudiante se sienta soportado en el crecimiento de su practica personal. Ofrece una variedad de posturas, que ayudan a conectar la respiración, el movimiento, y la mente. Juntos cultivamos la curiosidad sobre la practica de yoga de cada persona y inspira llegar mas lejos en cada postura. Esta es un clase de yoga que se ofrece completamente en español.