Ysabella Costa

  •  200 RYT in Hot Power Fusion

  • Yoga sculpt Certification, 80-hour NASM


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   I am passionate about building a safe space in the studio, where people can come to their mat, and flow through their practice!

Also, I am highly passionate about helping individuals through my work at the Public Defender’s office.


Yoga has guided me to better prepare for this type of work and has given me the strength to keep fighting for justice!

Plug In

 I plug back in to myself by taking my yoga practice off the mat, like journaling.


Journaling allows me to reflect on the things that I love, enjoy, and honor, as well as acknowledge the things that do not serve me.


 Community is a huge reason I became a yoga teacher. When I discovered yoga, I found a community of like-minded individuals whom inspired me to use my practice for healing, nurturing, and connection!


Building bonds with my students and others around me, lights up my soul and gives me the opportunity to be in tune with my highest Self!