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Dymo Bell

Diamonique Bell, also known as Dymo has been working as a professional dancer since 2004

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I am very passionate about Dance and Fitness, but my number passion is giving my time and talent to others. Sharing my love for Dance everyday to young people brings pure joy to my heart because it makes me think of the teachers i had growing up and how much they impacted my life. My dancers are going to have me in there memory and they know i truly cared about them as a person and there training because i want to see them grow into the best they can be. I am a leader to them and someone that they look up to for inspiration and over the years i've realized that they inspire me as well and that is why i love being a teacher. 

Plug In

I pray. No matter what I'm doing, if I feel I need to center or reconnect with myself I simple close my eyes and pray. Another thing that helps me stay grounded is nature combined with music. Something about the two for me just brings me peace. 


Community to me is a fellowship and a bond with people that share the same values as you. A connection with a group of people that make you feel loved, welcomed, and supported.