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Pronouns: She/her

I am very passionate about Dance and Fitness, but my number one passion is giving my time and talent to others. Sharing my love for Dance everyday to young people brings pure joy to my heart...


Yoga/Accessible Yoga

Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about Accessibility in Yoga; about holding space for students to embrace their own autonomy and create a practice that nurtures them through all the dynamic experiences of their lives...


Yoga/Accessible Yoga

Pronouns: She/They

I am deeply passionate about helping people feel more awake, alive, and present in their bodies. I strive to make yoga and meditation accessible to absolutely anyone by holding space that is inclusive and adaptive to all levels, abilities, and ways of being...



Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

I am passionate about creating a brave space for WOC in the wellness community...



Pronouns: She/Her

I am passionate about movement, uplifting others, clean beauty and lifelong learning...


Yoga/Accessible Yoga

Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of regular yoga practice with everyone who is interested, especially those who don't consider themselves typical yogis...



Pronouns: She/her

My greatest passion is bringing people together to create a safe place for healthy, active bodies and minds...



Pronouns: She/her

I’m passionate about exploring the deep connection between the mind and body. As yoga has helped me slow down and tune in, I’ve become more mindful of how thoughts, words, and external factors impact my nervous system....



Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about making each day count...



Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about having fun while making the world a better place. Reconnecting people with their wild creative spirits. Co-creating internal and external resilient, compassionate, and connected communities...



Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about keeping life simple. I am Passionate about finding humor in hard situations. Passionate about Self-study...


Yoga Sculpt

Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about building a safe space in the studio, where people can come to their mat, and flow through their practice...



Pronouns: She/her

I am passionate about spiritual health and wellness, nutrition, and yoga.  I love everything outdoors and have a huge passion for travel and adventure...



Pronouns: She/her

I’m passionate about creating and sharing an environment where people can connect to their inner selves honestly and imperfectly...

Olivia Miller


Pronouns: She/her

More info coming soon...

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Studio Team

Studio Team


Buffy Castillo

Owner & Founder

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Michelle Mack

Studio Manager

Bringing together community is one of my deepest passions and becoming studio manager allowed that light to shine bright.  


Being able to collaborate with a diverse group of people with the same mind set of inclusivity is unexplainable. 

At The Pharm I hope to create a space that allows everyone to express themselves; and plug into Self, in what ever outlet we offer.

My favorite part about our space is being able to walk in and become Phamily. My dream is to keep this going and flourish that same intention throughout our beautiful city. 


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Lauren Snyder

Creative Director

I have been with The Pharm since the very beginning; but started working as Creative Director in December 2019.  

Art, Design, creative thinking, and a passion for learning serve me well in my work here.  I love to doodle and write in my free time as a way to unwind.

I am a passionate advocate for Accessibility and Equity in Yoga, I have two amazing kids , a menagerie of animals, and I love growing medicinal herbs and Native plants.  

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Lisa McAtee

Workshop & Event Coordinator

Being the Workshop & Event Coordinator has allowed me to use my strengths in networking and community involvement and I love being apart of The Pharm family because it is an environment that sets my body to work, my soul on fire, and my heart at ease.

I love surfing, dancing, and live music and Ill do anything to make my friends laugh.



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Sarah Aspell

Community Outreach Advocate & Podcast Host

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Breanne Szabados

Blog Writer

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