Michelle Mack 

Yoga & Barre Instructor
(Studio Manager)

My greatest passion is bringing people together to create a safe place for healthy, active bodies and minds...


Lauren Snyder

Yoga & Meditation Instructor
(Creative Director)

I am passionate about those everyday moments that ripple outwards and expand...


Paisley O'Shea

Yoga & Barre Instructor

I am passionate about spiritual health and wellness, nutrition, and yoga! I love everything outdoors and have a huge passion for travel and adventure. 


Liz Little

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

I’m passionate about exploring the deep connection between the mind and body...


Sarah Aspell

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

I am deeply passionate about helping people feel more awake, alive, and present in their bodies...

Dollianne Lipman

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about being in community, always learning, growing as an individual and raising my son...

Lisa Feeney

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about helping students discover the benefits of developing a personal Yoga practice regardless of age, size, ability, or fitness level...

Laura Singer

Yoga Instructor

I'm passionate about helping you feel better in your own skin...

Chelsea Wyatt.jpg

Chelsea Wyatt

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about living a life led by love and mindfulness...


Carmen Wehr

Yoga Instructor

I am super passionate about yoga. Keeping life simple. Finding gratitude in everyday situations. Living authentically. Being honest...


Jen Gados

Yoga Instructor

I never expected to teach Kids Yoga. But now that I’ve been doing it for a few years, I really am passionate about it and feel strongly how important it is...


Maria Buenger

Mat Pilates Instructor

I have always been a student of physical science, and am forever looking for the “why and the how” when presented with a technique that can benefit the overall well-being of a person...


Anna McCabe

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about Yoga, Surfing, Music, and Mothering. I feel like they are all entwined in their own way...


Leah Sellers

Yoga, Ballet, & Dance Instructor

I am passionate about human movement. I believe that it is so important for not only our physical health, but for our mental and emotional health...

me black white.PNG

Haley Thomas

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about reconnecting to nature, operating from a place of love rather than fear, the great gifts that my yoga practice offers to me throughout this journey...

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