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Yoga Instructor

Celeste Olivera


I am passionate about spiritual health and wellness, nutrition, and yoga! I love everything outdoors and have a huge passion for travel and adventure. 

Yoga & Barre Instructor

Paisley O'Shea


I am passionate about those everyday moments that ripple outwards and expand...

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Lauren Snyder


I am passionate about self discovery; the continual learning about ourselves and our own inner awareness...

Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

Matty Stevenson


I’m passionate about exploring the deep connection between the mind and body...

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Liz Little


I am deeply passionate about helping people feel more awake, alive, and present in their bodies...

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sarah Aspell


My greatest passion is bringing people together to create a safe place for healthy, active bodies and minds...

Yoga & Barre Instructor

Michelle Mack 

I am passionate about being in community, always learning, growing as an individual and raising my son...

Yoga Instructor

Dollianne Lipman

Chelsea Wyatt.jpg

I am passionate about living a life led by love and mindfulness...

Yoga Instructor

Chelsea Wyatt


I am passionate about sharing my love for Barre and Yoga and I want to help and support others on their journey...

Yoga & Barre Instructor

Joanna Bolz


I am super passionate about yoga. Keeping life simple. Finding gratitude in everyday situations. Living authentically. Being honest...

Yoga Instructor

Carmen Wehr


I never expected to teach Kids Yoga. But now that I’ve been doing it for a few years, I really am passionate about it and feel strongly how important it is...

Yoga Instructor

Jen Gados


I have always been a student of physical science, and am forever looking for the “why and the how” when presented with a technique that can benefit the overall well-being of a person...

Mat Pilates Instructor

Maria Buenger


I am passionate about Yoga, Surfing, Music, and Mothering. I feel like they are all entwined in their own way...

Yoga Instructor

Anna McCabe


I am passionate about human movement. I believe that it is so important for not only our physical health, but for our mental and emotional health...

Yoga, Ballet, & Dance Instructor

Leah Sellers

me black white.PNG

I am passionate about reconnecting to nature, operating from a place of love rather than fear, the great gifts that my yoga practice offers to me throughout this journey...

Yoga Instructor

Haley Thomas

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