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20+ years dance training and past experience as a Barre instructor


I am passionate about inspiring others to chase their dreams and not feel limited by the fears that threaten to hold them back. Whether it is a life changing dream, or an interest in trying a new creative hobby. I am also passionate about self care, loving and nurturing your body and feeling grateful that it moves and works for you.

Plug In

I meditate and do breathwork, I also journal and draw. I’ll dance or do yoga. Typically I listen to music as well. I may need to get out of the house so I’ll walk along the beach or take a short road trip to explore a different town.


Community is there for you and supports you. I want to build a community of love and encouragement, who help others in it realize their potential. Also a group that recognizes and celebrates that everyone has power and strength that is innate to them.

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