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Klaudia Lomeli Paletta 

  • MTT 100hr® Meditation, Mindfulness and Breath Work

  • 30 Hour Accessible Yoga Training Certification 

  • 200 Hr RYT


  • Instagram


I am passionate about helping people start and sustain a meditation practice.  We don’t have to sit in formal practice in order to benefit from meditation.  We can bring mindfulness into our daily lives, by simply bringing our awareness to the present moment.

I am passionate about creating a brave space for WOC in the wellness community, spaces where we see ourselves reflected in the teachers and in the community. 

En Español 

Plug In

I pour into my cup through meditation, journaling and moving my body in a way that feels good to me.  I love being outdoors in nature, paddle boarding, hiking or tending to my garden. 


Community to me is love in action.  Showing up for each other, deeply listening, and uplifting one another.  Being able to show up as you are and be embraced and accepted.

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