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Lauren Snyder

  • 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Education Institute 

  • Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

  • Certified Accessible Yoga Teacher with over 70 hours of additional training through Accessible Yoga Association

  • 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training through Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute 

  • 8 Hr Trauma Informed Training
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I am passionate about Accessibility in Yoga; about holding space for students to embrace their own autonomy and create a practice that nurtures them through all the dynamic experiences of their lives.

I am also passionate about consistently doing small acts of kindness, compassion and love everyday.  I may not ever do any great deeds, accomplish great feats, or even change many peoples’ lives; but I am passionate about those small everyday moments that ripple outwards and expand.

Plug In 

Hiking and meditation; often together.  I love nothing more than a barefoot walk in the mountains and a long meditation beside the creek.

And horses will never fail to help me "plug back in".  Just being in their presence calms my nervous system and soothes my soul.  

I am a dedicated student of plants; and so gardening, herbalism, or just being among the flowers and trees always brings me back to myself.


Community is about a shared connection; and the most fundamental connection we share is as human beings of this earth.  So, for me, Community is about coming together from this place of shared humanity and building even deeper connection through love, compassion, understanding and perhaps even a little laughter.


We are social creatures meant to be in community and so it is vital we always strive to  create safe, nurturing, equitable spaces in which to build community.  

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