Noel Bermudez


I’m super passionate about pushing myself forward by learning new things, such as surfing, rock climbing, cliff jumping ! :)  Remaining creative and curious by trying something new, challenging and sometimes frightening, helps me to push my levels of confidence.  I love getting out of my comfort zone especially when I feel that things are getting a bit stagnant.  I love stepping into the unknown and discover new ways of being by harmonizing and becoming one with nature.  

Plug In

I also love spending some time alone in deep nature,  listening deeply for clear downloads when need it.  Anything uplifting and creative, I love investing myself in (: Often times, I find myself either surfing or on the yoga mat, drawing and painting, reading, journaling.


Community means family to me. A sense of feeling supported, nourished, safe, seen and understood.  

Community means that one is thriving and content where ones live.  Community is giving back our love and care for the rest of its members.