Paisley O'Shea

  • 500 hour RYT- Hatha yoga

  • PiYo

  • Barre Above



I am passionate about spiritual health and wellness, nutrition, and yoga! I love everything outdoors and have a huge passion for travel and adventure. I have made it a priority to see the world and experience as many cultures as I can.

Plug In

I plug into my self by taking the time to breathe. Whether it is a short break from doing hours of homework and researching (I am in my last semester of university) or during my practice, I bring my awareness to my breath. This time is sacred to me. It’s the closest I can get to staying in the present moment without my mind wandering onto what’s next.


Community can be a space, a group of people, or even a practice. It is a collective entity that brings comfort and allows you to feel safe and welcomed. Community to me is judgement free and inclusive. All the warm and fuzzies!