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Breanne’s Book Corner – Going Inward

Breanne’s Book Corner – Going Inward

By Breanne Szabados

It’s been a few months since my last post with book recommendations, so I thought today I would share some of my favorite books to connect to the self. This can be done in numerous ways, whether through our breath or reading poems or passages that remind us about our inherent beauty and worthiness. Here are a few of my recommendations for books that offer ways to go inward and connect to ourselves in deeper ways:

· Breath by James Nestor

I devoured this book when I discovered it last year. If you have ever been to a yoga class, you know how important the breath is, but this book goes in depth into the ways that our breath affects every function of our bodies. Literally, everything to help our bodies function at their best begins and ends with our breath. This book has breath exercises, stories and case studies, along with scientific research to show us how making slight adjustments to our breathing can make a world of difference in our health and overall well-being. It is written more like a novel, so it is entertaining and informative. There is even a section on how the way that we chew our food has an impact on the development of our facial muscles, which also affects our breathing. This book is truly fascinating and has so much to offer us in terms of ways to improve our breathing.

“To breathe is to absorb ourselves in what surrounds us, to take in little bits of life, understand them, and give pieces of ourselves back out. Respiration is, at its core, reciprocation.”

· Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols

You may have heard of this author from Instagram, where she has a huge presence and is known for her beautiful art and encouraging content. She has also collaborated with Anthropologie and Starbucks on product lines with her art and uplifting messages. This is her first book of poetry. I read it in small doses, so that I could really absorb the messages and the encouragement she offers. I find endless encouragement in her writing.

“Maybe you were made for this moment, to walk bravely through blazing fire, and by grace, come forth as gold.”

· Define Me Devine Me by Phoebe Garnsworthy

This is another author I discovered on Instagram. She also has a beautiful guided meditation album available that I use frequently. Her writing is empowering and encouraging, urging us to follow our intuition and tap into our own innate inner wisdom. There are poems on every subject from a new moon to loneliness. I come back to these poems again and again when I need a reminder of my worthiness.

“I let go of the urge to control and allow the Universe to take the reins, knowing that all my needs are being wonderfully met at all times.”

· How to Breathe by Ashley Neese

Yes, more breathing! This book contains 25 different breathwork practices, which are broken out by topic. It covers everything from anger to sleep, connection to letting go. I use these breathwork practices on a regular basis, and every single time, I feel stronger, more resilient and find a calm and peace that is not always easily accessible. Every practice has an introduction with the best ways to use the practice, recommendations on setting an intention for your breathwork, as well as reminders to journal how you feel after the practice and to record what emotions have surfaced as a result of the practice. I’ve also given this book as a gift, since I think these practices are something that all of us can benefit from.

“The Letting Go Breath is a way to receive support from your life force so that you have more freedom and spaciousness in your body, heart, and mind. When we’re able to let go with our breath and bodies, it breaks down the constructs in our minds that keep us bound to beliefs that are restrictive and draining.”

· Inward by Yung Pueblo

The author practices Vipassana meditation, and is a speaker and writer that is fairly well-known on social media. This is a one of his books of poetry and motivational content. I always find inspiration in his work, and always seem to find what I need to hear no matter what situation I am going through in life.

“The beauty of living comes from the movement of change. Letting go does not mean that we forget, and it does not mean that we give up. It just means that we are not letting our present happiness be determined by things that happened in the past or by things we wish to happen in the future.”

I usually incorporate these types of books into my daily ritual of meditation, journaling and self-reflection. This way, I can read small excerpts and really absorb the message and the encouragement each has to offer. Have you read any of these titles? What are your favorite books that help you connect to your inner self? Happy reading!

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