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DIY Props for Home Practice

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

With so many of us having to shift into a home practice right now; what do you do if you don't have any Yoga Props? Use these helpful tips and tricks to create your own props!

When it comes to Yoga Props, there are a myriad of choices and options available. Some of us may be devoted prop users with stacks of blocks, bolsters, and straps on hand; or perhaps we have never actually utilized a prop before. However, when it comes to beginning or deepening our Yoga practice Yoga props are incredible tools to have on hand; and the truth is, we do not need to shell out tons of cash to benefit from them!

The Truth is, just as we often search for the "essence" of a pose within our own unique bodies; we can also build the "essence" of a Yoga Prop using a variety of items we may already have in our own homes.

There are two key components when utilizing substitute props; safety and usability. First and foremost you always want to be sure that the items you're using are safe enough to be utilized in the way you are wanting to use them; and then that they actually offer the support they are intended to offer. Beyond that, the sky is the limit and your creativity can lead you to finding some incredible items that nurture and support your practice. Listed below are a few ideas to get you started!

DIY Yoga Props

1. Blocks: You can easily stack books up to offer the same support of "lifting the ground" up to where you need to safely come into a posture (*See above image). Other ideas are sturdy boxes or containers (be mindful of the amount of weight/pressure you'll be exerting on the box), or a block of smooth wood. If you are using a block in between your legs or for non-weight bearing alignment (such as you might do in a bridge pose to engage the thighs) you can use lighter softer items like a roll of paper towels, a pillow, or small cardboard box.

2. Bolsters: This is probably one of the easiest props to duplicate. You can substitute pillows, rolled up blankets, couch cushions and more. For most uses, you'll want to aim for something soft but supportive, and rectangular or cylindrical. You can even wrap a blanket around a pillow to get more height or support.

3. Straps: The item you'll use is going to depend mostly on what you are using the strap for. Sturdy things like belts, are great for forward folds (as pictured); but things like the tie from a bathrobe, a length of fabric, or a t shirt are better suited to postures that will be against more delicate spots on the body (ex. using a strap to support King Dancer pose or a supported Reclined Butterfly). Always be mindful of the amount of pressure and force exerted on a strap or a knot and use common sense and safety.

4. Blankets: Really, any small throw or blanket can be utilized as a yoga blanket. Even larger blankets can be folded to a size that works for your practice.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks will help get you started in utilizing props for your home practice! Please leave us a comment with any more ideas or any questions you may still have. Get creative, have fun, and be safe!

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