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By Breanne Szabados

The theme for July at The Pharm is expansion, so I wanted to talk a bit about what it means to allow for it in our lives. Personally, I find expansion a bit scary sometimes. Expansion is really a form of change, even though it is usually positive change. So often, it seems like we get comfortable where we are in certain areas of life and are hesitant to allow for expansion because it is unknown. This isn’t the case in every area of life, as sometimes expansion is really exciting and we may be able to see only the good that can come from allowing for certain types of expansion and change. But frequently, expansion requires some risk, a leap into the unknown, where we may be uncertain of the outcome. We may push ourselves or put ourselves out there in a vulnerable way, without knowing if our efforts will be rewarded in the exact way we expect them to be.

I think that this uncertainty can also be a positive thing. Expansion and growth are necessary parts of life, and by allowing ourselves the space and freedom to grow and change, we are opening up our lives to things that are in alignment with our purpose. Trusting that things will work out as they are meant to and that we are led on our life path to the next right thing for us takes a great deal of faith. But when we let go, trust the process and allow for expansion, we are following our intuition and taking a leap in the hopes that we will be successful and fulfilled by the outcome. We cannot stay stagnant in life, so expansion is a necessary part of being human.

What areas of life are you leaning into expansion in this season? Is it in your career? Relationships? Health? All of these areas of our lives will require us to expand over and over again. We are never done. Life will challenge us to grow and expand or shrink and succumb to our fears again and again. Let’s all be brave and embrace the expansion that is needed on our journey through this life. Here are The Pharm, there are so many programs and classes to aid us on our expansion journeys from workshops and sound healing to numerous new classes and new teachers to learn from. This summer is a great time to step into the expansion that is meant for you.

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