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Focusing on Fun

Do you have enough fun in your life? I was listening to an amazing podcast the other day (Glennon Doyle’s “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast – I highly recommend it, if you don’t already listen to it!), and it was all about how most of us don’t even know what is fun to us anymore. We are socialized to be responsible and productive to the point where when we think of things that are fun, it is difficult to separate fun from productivity and functionality. An example that Glennon used is her wife asking her what fun thing she wanted to do with some free time on a Sunday morning, and her answer was to clean out the garage. Fun and productive, right?! Personally, not my idea of fun, but it got me thinking about what I think is fun. Being a person who loves a good list, I decided to write down what feels fun and playful to me. It was far more difficult for me to think of things than it should have been, which is completely unacceptable to me!

Here are just a few of the things I wrote down on my Fun list:

· Reading (preferably under a big tree at the park)

· Cooking (technically productive since we have to eat, but I actually do think it’s fun!)

· Going to concerts

· Chatting with friends

· Traveling and exploring new cities

· Going to a museum

· Coloring (I still have some adult coloring books left over from that craze years ago)

· Going to the beach

· Bowling

What are some of the things that would be on your Fun list? I think summer is the perfect time to start making more space in our lives for things that are simply FUN! Not productive, not practical, not necessary, just fun and playful things that allow us to tap into a part of us that too often gets pushed aside in favor of productivity as adults. Let’s all have a little more fun in our lives. I think that it will change us for the better in countless, beautiful ways.

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