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For our Phamilies...

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

When it comes to our wellness practices; how often have we wished someone would have just told us about them sooner? Wouldn't it have been great to learn Yoga as a child, meditation for our big feelings in middle school, or how to listen in to the signals of our own bodies long before we were suffering from debilitating symptoms in adulthood? Here at The Pharm, we've always believed that wellness practices are meant for all ages. Children learn and grow in using them by watching their elders and community members engaged in these practices on a regular basis and by being welcomed into these spaces to explore their own practice. It was why (Pre-COVID) we always welcomed children in class; why we pushed to provide integrated childcare that allowed younger students to flow between play and practice; and why we offered classes like Children's Yoga, Teen Yoga, and Village Yoga. In out new pandemic landscape; finding the time, space, and resources for our family wellness practices has been (to say the very least) extremely challenging. So, we wanted to put together a special blog post just for our families missing this time together.

Books about Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation

This beautiful and calming book is the perfect way to share a bedtime story AND a Yoga Asana practice together. There is also a lovely read aloud video of this book HERE with an added Cloud Journey meditation at the end. It is the perfect way to end the day together!

This next Book is the Good Morning version of previous book! The perfect way to wake up and get a beautiful start to the day. There is also a read aloud video version of this one as well HERE.

This book is an adorable adventure through the garden with Rachel and her puppy Sammy! Families can follow along with the coordinating Yoga poses that go with each page of the story. As with the two books above, there is also a Read Along video HERE.

This final book is more of a guide for parents. This book beautifully lays out guidelines for age appropriate practices, postures, and activities that you can do together with your children. Appropriate for toddlers to teens; it is the perfect little overall guide for families to incorporate Yoga practices into their daily lives.

Family Friendly YouTube Channels and Videos

  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga Fun filled storytelling Yoga adventures for kids; with themed practices like Disney, Star Wars, Fairytales, Harry Potter and more...

  2. Yoga with Chelsea Wyatt (Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga & Dance Party) Two fun and adorable adventures with our own local Ventura Yoga teacher, Chelsea Wyatt!

  3. Sounds True Kids! Playlist on the Sounds True Channel

  4. Storytime with Kids Yoga Stories Read aloud Yoga books and Stories for kids and families

Other fun Products

App: Insight Timer has children's meditations and mindfulness practices Yoga and Mindfulness Card Activity Decks (pictured below)

What are some of your family's favorite resources for practicing wellness, movement, and Yoga together? Leave us a comment below! In deepest love and gratitude,

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