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New Year, New Focus

New Year, New Focus

By Breanne Szabados

Happy New Year, Phamily! I hope that you enjoyed the holidays and made it through the gauntlet of commitments and family and excitement that always seems to come with this time of year. Anyone else exhausted still? I am definitely battling some beginning of the year fatigue already.

Do you make resolutions for the new year? Over the last few years, I have moved away from resolutions and have instead picked one word to encapsulate what I want to embody or work towards each year. I threw around some ideas for 2023: possibility, openness, joy. Ultimately, I landed on the word play. You might think this is an odd word to pick for an entire year, but I am someone who is uber-focused on productivity and achievement most of the time. It must be the Capricorn in me, but play is never my default. Oftentimes, I have to plan and schedule play if it’s actually going to happen for me! So, this year I want to make play more of a priority and worry less about productivity and let myself be more playful.

To be honest, it’s a dauting prospect for me. Immediately, I start to wonder how I’m going to do it. How can I actually work this into my life in a feasible way? I find myself already trying to control how and when play will happen for me, which is completely the opposite of my intention with this focus. Maybe the answer is to let go and leave space in my life for play to happen organically. This has been true of many other things in my life that I have manifested. When I put my intentions out into the universe and step back and get out of the way, things have a way of showing up for me when I need them. I know there is a lesson in this for me (letting go of always trying to control things, perhaps?!), and I look forward to the ways in which play will show up in my life in 2023.

What are some of your words or intentions for the year? Wishing you a year full of happiness, health and play!

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