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Radical Rest

Radical rest. What does that mean to you? It is a theme that The Pharm is embracing for the month of November, as the studio will be closed November 21-25 to give the incredibly hard-working staff time to rest and recharge. What a remarkable idea and just one of the many examples of how The Pharm embodies and practices the very concepts they encourage in others.

As a recovering people-pleaser and overachiever, rest is something that has never come easily to me. I’ve generally had to force myself to make time for rest. And even when I do, there is often a nagging voice of guilt in my head that says I should be working or tackling my to-do list or connecting with people in my life; the list goes on and on of things I feel like I should be doing instead of resting. It’s difficult to pinpoint the true origin of this type of thinking in my life. Clearly, society has pushed this notion of productivity upon us and how it relates to our worth as humans. But, it is also something that I have seen modeled for me my whole life in my family, as well. I come from a long line of hard workers who have rarely made time for rest. As a result, I have definitely internalized the idea that in order to be worthy of abundance, love or success, I need to be constantly earning those things through productivity, striving, working, etc. It’s exhausting to simply think about.

Embarking on my own healing and growth journey over the past decade, I have really embraced a new perspective on rest. To be more in tune with my intuition, so that when I get that nudge that my body, mind and spirit really need to rest, that I am heeding that feeling instead of pushing it away in favor of going full speed ahead. I still have to pause and really make a concerted effort to give myself the rest I crave. I would like to think it would be effortless by now, but it is a constant learning experience. It goes along with not pushing myself to be overworked or to be perfect all the time, as I have experienced more of the results I am looking for in my life when I stop pushing so hard and just let things flow as they are meant to in any given situation. When I give myself the rest I need when I need it, beautiful things happen. And little by little, I am learning to embrace rest as a necessary part of life, in order to be the most authentic self I can be; to show up for my life and the people in it fully present and nourished. I hope that during this season you can find the time to take moments of radical rest whenever you need it.

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