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Times of Growth

There is a theme of growth happening at The Pharm right now, so I wanted to examine how we experience growth in our lives. Which times in your life have led to the most growth? Personally, I would like to say that it was the happiest times in my life that brought about the most growth. However, that isn’t how it usually happens, is it? In reality, some of our most difficult and challenging times have brought us the most growth in our lives.

While sometimes challenging, I think that most of us look back on difficult moments and are able to find gratitude for the growth we experienced as a result. Generally, we need some distance on a situation to find that type of clarity and insight. I have tried to shift that perspective in my own life, trying to notice in these moments of discomfort what lessons I’m meant to learn through challenges. It’s not always immediately obvious, but it is enough to lighten the heaviness of difficult times so that we can step outside the tension of a situation and try to find some purpose in our discomfort.

Even positive change sometimes feels uncomfortable. This in itself is contributing to our growth. When we have the self-awareness to notice these feelings when they arise, we can go deeper into why certain situations bring up discomfort in us. Even something like deciding to try a new haircut can trigger feelings of discomfort or apprehension. What if we don’t like how it turns out? How will we be perceived by others based on our appearance? Sometimes, we attach so much importance to these things that any change surrounding them, no matter how small, can be triggering and bring up strong feelings. This is where growth comes in; noticing what arises and how we handle these feelings, getting to know ourselves better in the process. If we can become intimately familiar with ourselves and our relationship to growth in small moments, we can more easily move through growth and discomfort in the more challenging and difficult moments life will inevitably bring us.

Spring is a season of renewal and growth. In what ways are you growing and changing right now? How are you being shaped and changed by life?

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