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Trying New Things

By Breanne Szabados

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to the type of movement and workouts you gravitate towards on a regular basis? I know that I definitely am! Even more than that, I get attached to particular teachers and their teaching styles and have a really hard time changing it up. Especially since oftentimes, it is difficult to find time in our busy schedules to make sure that we are prioritizing time to take care of our bodies and give it the movement it craves in the first place. Once I get comfortable with a class or a teacher, I typically tend to stick with it.

One thing I definitely find myself doing is scheduling my workouts pretty far in advance. However, this doesn’t really leave space for what my body is actually craving and needing on any given day. Maybe I need a more mellow yoga class on a Tuesday, but I already signed up for a super strenuous barre class. I’m learning how to give myself permission to choose movement from a more aligned place, listening to the cues my body is giving me and going in that direction. As a result, that might mean I need to be more flexible with the classes I take and the times I take them. As a ferocious planner, this is definitely not always easy for me to do! But, learning how to shift, change, adapt and flex according to how my body is feeling each day is incredibly important and a priceless skill to master. Especially in our society, where everything is so performance-focused, and we are taught to overlook our bodies in favor of achievement and getting things accomplished. This only leads to burnout and exhaustion. How about we treat our bodies with kindness, respect and love instead of constantly pushing them to feel a certain way or do a certain thing.

I used to feel guilty for doing this, and still wrestle with it occasionally. I feel like a flake or a failure if I change my plans or rearrange my schedule based on how my body is feeling. Instead, I have been trying to shift my focus to how good and nourishing it is to take care of my body in the way that it needs on any given day, not trying to force it to be somewhere it just isn’t. It seems like we are programmed to do the opposite sometimes, but I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to be better listeners for what our bodies are needing from us and how we can tailor our movement practice each day to support that. Thankfully, The Pharm has such a packed schedule of classes, that there is something for whatever you need each day to support you.

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