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We are Listening...

Dearest Phamily,

Starting off this week, we would like to take a moment to reach out and connect with you about something deeper than just our class schedule. This past week our studio participated in a week long Social Media Muting to in order to listen to and amplify the voices of black teachers, advocates, and activists. During this week, we donated, we listened, and we shared the voices of those who have devoted their lives to dismantling racism and inequality in our communities and our country. 

Our vision here at The Pharm, as stated in our mission statement is, “Creating Unity in our Community through movement, mindfulness, and social consciousness.” And, while this is a beautiful sentiment, we know now more than ever that going forward, it will be our actions not our words that will define that mission.

Being a small studio and having been open for less than six months before COVID-19 hit, it has been quite the journey so far in not only maintaining our day to day operations but also expanding and breathing life into our vision of creating a space where we can bring unity and connection.

In the months prior to the pandemic shut down; w