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Shannon Barbaro

BASI (Body Arts Science International) Pilates Graduate Program...2018

Shannon found Pilates in her 20’s through a physical therapist who recommended Pilates to heal her "tech neck" aches and pains from working in a fast paced tech career. 


Once she seen first hand how Pilates, not only, healed her aches and pains but, helped her gain strength like never before she was hooked.


Once her first child was born in 2017 she went through the Body Arts Science International (basi) comprehensive training and embarked on a new career path helping people to heal through movement.


Shannon has been teaching Pilates in Ventura since 2018. She teaches Contemporary Pilates which is based on the traditional work of Joseph Pilates but, modernized with a heavy influence from physical therapy and bio-mechanics to fit modern research and modern day work environments (such as tech neck).


 I am passionate about movement, uplifting others, clean beauty and lifelong learning

Plug In

I plug back into myself through exercise: weight lifting, hiking, Pilates…also a good audio book and walks on the beach


Community to me is being part of a collective where we can all share our talents and learn and grow from one another 

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