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Welcome to the Phamily

Black and white portrait of Owner and Founder Buffy Castillo

Land Acknowledgment: The Pharm studio resides on the unceded lands of the Chumash people
We honor and acknowledge their people, both past, present, and future, as the rightful stewards of this land.

Owner and Founder, Buffy Castillo, created The Pharm out of a heart centered desire to create a community that welcomes and embraces people exactly as they are; while also supporting and nourishing them along their wellness journey.  Whether they explore the quiet awareness in Yoga practice, or the energetic body connection in Barre or Pilates class, or the playful curiosity in dance, or the focused mindfulness in Meditation; The Pharm is a space to feel nurtured and supported. 

As an Indigenous woman, Buffy knew all too well what it felt like to be unwelcomed in wellness spaces; and was determined to build a community that felt different.  A space that embraced collaboration over competition; education over exclusivity; and equity over amenities.  


No matter where you are in your wellness journey, you are welcome here. 

Your body, your abilities, and your identity are valid.

The Pharm is completely stocked with all the props and equipment you might need for class; all offered FREE of charge.  You deserve to practice regardless of barriers to accessing or transporting personal props/equipment and here at The Pharm, we will never penalize you for those barriers. 

At The Pharm we value props as a part of the wellness toolkit that supports us along our journey; whether to deepen into a posture, find support, or explore new physical experiences.  

Come as you at The Pharm, you have full autonomy over your practice.
While all of our teachers have varying levels of additional training in accessibility and adapting the various practices we offer; you are ALWAYS in control of your journey and opting for breaks, using physical supports, making adjustments to your practice, and resting when you need to are not only welcomed but FULLY supported and encouraged!