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About Us

About Us

 The Pharm is not JUST a studio.  It is a community.  The Pharm was created as a space to build connection, support, and collaboration; and to nurture not only Individual wellness but health for the entire community as a whole.  Our weekly classes are just one of the ways we do this; but The Pharm itself is so much more... (see more)


When, you walk through our doors, you become a part of our Community; and we take that honor very seriously.  Here at The Pharm; we believe in deep relationship, open and heartfelt communication, and creating space for a wide variety of lived experiences and backgrounds.

Unique Class Offerings

Classes built by members of specific communities and curated in a way that supports the unique needs and wellbeing of those communities 

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Yoga en Español


Queer Yoga

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Yoga for Larger Bodies


With an engaged focus on things like tiered pricing options, continued accessibility training for our instructors, multi-level beginner friendly classes, responsiveness to feedback, and deep engagement and collaboration throughout our entire staff; The Pharm is uniquely set up to offer ongoing support to all our students and members. 


Introductory Month just $49
Get your first month of classes for half the Standard Membership price


By allowing students and members to choose a pricing structure that works best for them, we hand autonomy back to our community and allow folks to uplift and support one another as they are able while also building a deeper sense of Community Care


We believe that Community Care is essential to our core values; and so while we heartily and gladly offer opportunities to nurture and support our community through our own infrastructure; we also believe that our community is capable and willing to uplift one another as well.  This is why we created the "Pay it Forward" pricing options; for times when you find yourself in financial abundance and are able to commit a little extra to support community members in need. 


Bring a little joy and fun to your wardrobe and life with The Pharm's custom Community Apparel line.