The Pharm: Ventura Interior Studio - Yoga Barre Meditation Dance Community
The Pharm: Ventura Interior Studio - Yoga Barre Meditation Dance Community

The Interior of the studio at The Pharm

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Front Door: The Pharm
Front Door: The Pharm

Walking into the Front Door of the studio

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Interior of the studio: The Pharm
Interior of the studio: The Pharm

Interior wall of the studio

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The Pharm: Ventura Interior Studio - Yoga Barre Meditation Dance Community
The Pharm: Ventura Interior Studio - Yoga Barre Meditation Dance Community

The Interior of the studio at The Pharm

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About Us

 The Pharm is not JUST a studio.  It is a community.  The Pharm was created as a space to build connection, support, and collaboration; and to nurture not only Individual wellness but health for the entire community as a whole.  Our weekly classes are just one of the ways we do this; but The Pharm itself is so much more... (see more)


Yoga Class at The Pharm Ventura


We offer a wide variety of classes in Yoga Asana and Philosophy created to welcome practitioners of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.  Yoga is the spiritual practice of unity grounded in breath, body awareness, balance, and self inquiry. 

Barre Classes at The Pharm Ventura


Our strength classes are here to support your physical body; to reach its own personal peak embodiment of strength, tone, and stamina.  Whatever your personal fitness practice goals are; we are here to nourish and support them.  Offering classes such as Barre, Pilates, and Yoga Sculpt for all your movement needs. 

Group of students at The Pharm meditating in a circle


Through workshops, meditation classes, Yoga philosophy exploration and more; we seek to create spaces where individuals can explore the mind, the spirit, and the inner landscape on a deeper level. 

Group of Pharm Teachers stand together wearing masks and holding flowers.


We love collaborating with fellow businesses, organizations and wellness practitioners.  Whether through collaborative events, space rental, or sponsorship; The Pharm is open to finding new and creative ways to support our community's offerings!

Students of all ages in a circle in various postures at THe Pharm studio.


We offer a variety of educational and wellness workshops.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop or event with The Pharm, please contact our Outreach Coordinator HERE.

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Giving Back

We believe that the day to day operations here at The Pharm are just one tiny piece of our operations.
This past year alone, we have supported the efforts of The Ashe Academy, Accessible Yoga International, Ventura Food Share, Tender Life Maternity Home, BLM Ventura, and more.
If there is a way that The Pharm can support your Community efforts, outreach or advocacy; please reach out! 


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River Galindo

 I have deep passion for Nature. I’ve dedicated myself to be a steward of the Land & tend to the waters. I’m passionate about creating Sacred Healing spaces for the community.

Image of Instructor Lisa Feeney smiling and looking at the camera.

Lisa Feeney

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of regular yoga practice with everyone who is interested, especially those who don't consider themselves typical yogis. I deeply believe we can all "find our yoga."

Image of Instructor Rafaela Garcia smiling and looking at the camera

Rafaela Garcia

Community to me means belonging. The people who make you feel at ease, who laugh and cry with you, who teach and embrace you with no judgement...

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