Class Schedule

Class SChedule

YOGA - BARRE - dance - MEDITATION - Mindfulness - MORE

Register at LEAST 30 minutes prior to class.

IN PERSON classes are held either in our outdoor courtyard in front of the studio or in studio at limited capacity (as regulated by local guidelines).  Please see COVID-19 safety procedures BELOW prior

to attending in person classes. 


These new guidelines MUST be adhered to and a NEW waiver signed prior to participating in your first in-studio class!


*A new waiver will be sent out to ALL Phamily with COVID-19 details; but this waiver only applies to those participating in IN PERSON studio classes.

*Before joining us in the studio; please self-assess your current health (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.).  If there is ANY signs of not feeling well, please cancel your spot and return when you are feeling better. 

*Masks are required to enter the space but are optional during class.  Please use personal discretion about your own level of comfort with masks while respecting the comfort level of others. 

*Attendance to classes MUST be logged in and paid for PRIOR to arrival at the studio through our Studio App, the MINDBODY App, or online on our website. NO WALK-INS at this time.  

*Students MUST sign up AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to class.  No registrations will be accepted after this time. 

*Once you arrive, the Instructor will check you in on their personal device from the front of the space; maintaining social distancing at all times.  (We will continue to offer certain classes LIVE STREAMED through our virtual platform, with the same prior procedure)

*Upon Arrival, please find the markers labeled for proper individual spacing of mats.   Direct yourself to an open spot of your choice.  Please bring all of your belongings with you to your area, no cubbies will be used at this time.  Try to refrain from leaving your area as much as possible. 

*While the Restroom is still available for use, the remainder of the back studio is restricted from everyone except the staff. 

*No soft props are available during this time. Only hard surface props will be available and are distributed at the discretion of the instructor.  IF props are needed, the INSTRUCTOR will set them out in the student’s individual areas prior to class.  These props will have already been properly disinfected; however if you choose to clean again prior to use, please use the cleaner provided.  Upon the completion of the class, students will disinfect their props and LEAVE them in the same place they found them. 

*NO CHILDCARE will be offered at this time.  (We understand that in this situation recommendations are being updated regularly.  We also understand the importance of offering childcare and when this change can be safely made, we will update you)

*Late cancellations or no shows will be charged at the full drop-in rate (or the equivalent reduction of available class passes).  Due to very limited space for each class, if you must cancel, please do so as early as possible as a courtesy to other students wishing to attend.