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Five Podcasts I’m Listening To

Five Podcasts I’m Listening To

By Breanne Szabados

It has been quite some time since I have written a post on podcast recommendations, so I thought I would share some of my newer favorites with you. There are so many great podcasts available these days, that it is difficult to find the time to listen to them all! I try to fit them in while I am cleaning the house, going for a walk, folding laundry or getting ready in the morning. Here are a few of my current favorites, in case you are looking for something new to listen to.

  • The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole: Dr. Will Cole is a functional medicine practitioner and author whose new book, Gut Feelings, was just released. Dr. Cole speaks with other health experts on topics ranging from gut health to menopause to mental health. I always find his talks and interviews insightful and thought-provoking. I have had some health struggles myself as of late, and have been seeing a functional medicine doctor, so it is a nice resource for those of us looking to better our health through a more holistic route.

  • Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver: This podcast started in 2021, but is still fairly new in terms of available episodes. She has a list of seven questions that she asks each of her guests to invoke discussions about love, loss, failure and happiness, amongst other topics. Her curious nature and kind, inquisitive demeanor is a delight to listen to, and I am really enjoying listening to older episodes.

  • Best Friend Energy: Are you a fan of The Home Edit? I started watching Get Organized on Netflix in 2020, and have since organized almost every room of my house according to the system created by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. They are best friends who run their own organizing empire, but they also have such an endearing and comical banter between them that makes their podcast a light and fun listen. They have interview episodes, as well as episodes where it is the two of them talking about pop culture, funny stories from the start of their company or things they have experienced.

  • Dear Chelsea with Chelsea Handler: I’m not usually a fan of advice podcasts, but this is a great balance between celebrity interviews and advice-giving. Chelsea Handler is an author, actor and comedian, who always tells it like it is. She is also well-versed in therapy and emotional wellness, and her advice is refreshing, honest and super helpful. An entertaining listen with practical advice.

  • Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen: Elise Loehnen is an author, editor and podcast host, who previously worked at Goop. She is an avid reader, thinker and seeker, and her interviews are thoughtful, compassionate and curious. She mostly speaks with authors (recent episodes include interviews with Tara Schuster, Katherine May and Nedra Tawwab), but she always asks insightful questions. I learn something new with every episode.

I hope that this list gives you a few new podcasts to listen to that you were not yet familiar with. Also, as a reminder, Sarah Aspell hosts The Pharm Community Podcast. Recent episodes have included talks with Pharm teachers and staff, such as Jamie McDonough Miller and Holly Howell. I always appreciate Sarah’s thoughtful and interesting episodes, and it is a great way to get to know some of your Pharm teachers and staff better. Season two is available now anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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