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Daily Rituals

Do you have a specific way that you like to start each day? Some people thrive on having a ritual or routine every day, while others need to constantly change up their routines to avoid feeling stagnant. I have found that having daily rituals keeps me grounded and gives me a strong foundation from which to start my day. In addition, I have found other small things that I try to weave into the rest of my day to bring me back to that grounded feeling in the midst of work and other responsibilities. I thought I would share my routines to spark some inspiration if you are looking to incorporate rituals into your day.

My morning routine looks like this:

· Tongue scraping (an ayurvedic practice to remove toxins and bacteria; more information here)

· Gratitude and prayer practice (naming at least three things I’m grateful for)

· Meditation (I use the Headspace app for guided meditations)

· Setting an intention for my day (I write this down and keep it somewhere I can see it often, along with any mantras I want to remember)

· Affirmations and mantras (I have specific affirmations I repeat each day to align my energy)

· Inspirational reading (I’m currently reading a section each day from Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison)

· Check my horoscope (I use the Co-Star app, which is actually based on your birth chart, so it always has insightful messages each day)

Finding this ritual practice took me years of figuring out what worked for me, what gave me the most benefits each day and what feels aligned for me at any given time. It also takes dedication to wake up early every day in order to fit these practices in before I start the rest of my day. But, I have found that I feel off center when I skip these things.

In the afternoon, I also weave in a journaling practice to pause during the day and process any emotions or situations that may occur. I have a sacred space set up at home with crystals and other inspirational items, and this is where I sit to journal and take a moment for myself. I also meditate again if I feel like I could use the additional pause. I’m extremely fortunate to work from home, so it definitely gives me more time to fit rituals into my day. These are just a few of the things that work for me. A ritual can be as simple as setting an intention for your day or having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. The reason for these things is to make room in our day for ourselves, to get in touch with our breath and our body and tap into our true selves, even if only for a moment or two before we have other things to tend to each day. We give so much to others all the time; it’s important to make time for ourselves first to nurture our own needs, so we have space for everything else that needs our attention. What are some of your daily rituals? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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